Our Vision

I recalled my grandparents’ visions about nature. Humble and inspired greetings to milky stars and misty mountains, breathing the fresh morning air with the earth’s caring spirit, touching the great silence of winter nights, and riding the winds on horseback. These values start to call me back strongly towards what I have experienced in my childhood in the Altai mountains.

Everything there is tied to mother earth. As time passes and with the changing world, we have followed. There is nothing bad about following the changing worlds but we need to keep these deep values that we have learned and experienced with our nomadic grandparents. I know that is what our mother earth hopes for us. That is why I started Mongolian Handicrafts.

I started to develop more respect for natural things like fabrics, foods, lifestyles, etc. On the other hand, I started to refuse synthetic, nylon, and anything that comes out of petrol.

Wool is sustainable and renewable. Naturally, yaks, camels, sheep, goats, and other domestic animals are growing their hair, and depending on where they live, they develop different types of wool. Some are itchy, but some are soft like silk. Specially cashmere and pure yak down. Any wool becomes softer and less itchy by its usage. Because wool is an alive substance. It feels the wearer and creates an affinity towards mother earth.

In the end, I would suggest people re-experience the wool world and respect its mystic characters while using it.

75 thoughts on “Our Vision

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