Authentic Mongolia

The origin of Mongolia is the Altaic people. Known to some as the Central Asian nomads, their history is vast and rich in terms of everything. In time they have been mixed and submerged into Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Mongolia, Russia, and China. And many Mongol origins are still living in India, Iran, and so on to this day. But their common character is their wisdom and love of the emanation that they believe in. Mongolia is a center of Altaic people today.

Altaic people inhale by the open round space and exhale by creating this space into their own individual world. Physically, we can notice it with their yurts. A yurt is a round structure and represents many meaningful characteristics in each part. The main characteristic of a Yurt is that it is like a universe in a small space.

The top part of the yurt is unity. The sun or the light which is in absolute. The most adorable wisdom of everything. From this part, two columns are going down, which represents the two polarities, divine feminine, and masculine spirits. Then the walls round represent the virtues for adorable wisdom. If the walls are well built and strong enough, the yurt is going to the best servant to that adorable light. In turn, if the yurt is a good servant of this adorable light, then everything is circulating under the law of the universe and the meaning of life and death is fulfilled on earth bravely. I really love the sacred wisdom of the Altaic people, because I grew up with their legends and sacred faith. All the messages and representations of the yurt are also in each human being, like a person, each yurt has individuality too.

Altaic people adore the space. They perceive space as a smaller form of the universe. The universe is a smaller version of the absolute, the adorable wisdom, or light. The one who palpates in each heart. This adorable light expands and creates the universe, space, and then humans. A human, for example, is a nomad is a small version of the universe, like their yurt.

Mongolian handicrafts yurt

Adoring this light naturally opens the eye of every nomad into mystery. The long perches for yurt represent the mysteries around everywhere and in everything. The mystery of mountains, rivers, and trees, for example, created shamanism. The mystery of wild animals created the totems. Mongolians adopted Buddhism easily and happily because they realized that the mystery of living with their adorable wisdom was taught in a new way. How to reach that adorable absolute rigorously wasn’t the main importance, contrary, it enriches the method or way to reach that absolute. That’s why Mongolians welcomed Buddhism with respect and honor as legends tell.

Maybe I am one of the last generations, who have faith in this authentic Altaic wisdom. It’s hard to keep it in today’s ultra-capitalistic world. But thanks for reading my blog on

I believe still, everybody has a right to know about authentic Mongolian wisdom. Difficulties in life can be created by the misunderstanding or the errors of “know-how” to create ourselves, or the yurt. Now, dear reader, the conclusion is for you to decide.