The Story of the Yaks Wool

Nomads call them the “Mountain King”. Even domestic yaks are quite wild, but they have an unshakeable humble attitude towards their masters.

Yak herders live in altitude during every season, because their lung naturally looks for the freshest air and mountain waters. Yaks are really mountainous creature. They become active, stronger, and well-nourished when staying in the highest peaks. As nomads do not milk their yaks during the winter, herders man usually take their yaks to even higher areas in order to help them grow and make them feel happy.

While doing that, herdsmen also enjoy the infinite freedom just to follow their yaks’ road at the high altitude. They stay one to three months in this way, moving through the mountains and come back to their home full of joy.

Due to the geographic location and severe climate conditions, the Mongolian Yak Down is known to be the finest, longest, and softest compare to the ones in China, Nepal, and other parts of the world. Far from the Oceans, high in altitude, and chilled by the coldest Siberian winds from the north, Mongolia is extremely dry and cold in winter. Due to these harsh conditions, domestic Yak develops the most resistant and warmest down hair, under their wool. From all domestic animals, Yak down is the premium. Pure yak down is one of the “Mongolian Noble Fibres”.

Mongolian handicrafts fair trade Yaks Wool

Mongolian handicrafts choose Yak wool as our specialty because yak is the eco-friendliest of all domestic animals. Their pasture land is untouched and rich in many natural substances. Even the yak’s milk is the most delicious. Yak cheese and yogurt have much more calcium and richer in many substances compare to any other domestic animals.

Yak always graze the top of the grass, meaning that they always leave the grass to re-grow. Yak is the most conscious animal for Nomads concerning their environment.

Yak down is soft like cashmere while maintaining the strongest elasticity. Cashmere is sublime, warm and luxurious, but lacks lanolin to provide elasticity. That is why cashmere clothing is impractically delicate.

The most sublime Merino wool is sheared, meaning that the animal is shaved rather than gently combed. That is why Merino wool is not soft like pure yak down and cashmere. Even though Merino wool is durable and stretchy, it is not as warm as yaks down.

The secrets of having the most premium wool are combing, de-hairing and finishing. Mongolian nomads gently comb their yak, camel, goats, and sheep with full of compassion and unexplainable praising. Once this process is finished the wool is delivered to the de-hairing facility in Ulaanbaatar, where the raw wool is sorted by color, washed, and de-haired. We don’t use any chemicals and dye. These natural colors radiate and keep the most mystic language.

A number of independent tests have shown yak wool is between 10 – 40% warmer by weight than equivalent merino wool. Yaks live at extremely high altitudes in Mongolia, Tibet Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.

“Wearing pure wool is like having an “alive entity” on us, therefore treat it with respect and thanks its ether radiation.”