Authentic Mongolian child education


Based on nomadic culture, Mongolians have their library only in their “Tseej erdem” through generations. But this is not just a form of mentally recognising. Erdem itself means “Knowledge through intelligence”. Nomads educate their children with practical daily life-based activities that one day will allow them to acquire Erdem about a different aspect of life. This knowledge should stay in their “Tseej”, meaning that it’s in their intelligence.

First of all, it’s because of their lifestyle. Nomads move 2-4 times a year, and its reason lies with a deep philosophy corresponding to their environmental intelligence. They don’t stay in one place to use all the grass and destroy the land. Instead, they move place to place and this way the environment stays sustainable and wild eternally. Additionally their animals nourish with a new and fresh pasture when they change the place.

Nature is the supreme of everything. All knowledge comes through the understanding of nature and its phenomena. Mongolians call and see their god as the sky. Bluish and deep space correspond to their innermost beauty. That’s why we can see praises, songs, poems, artworks and legends about the sky in all ages throughout their history. Children first learn this philosophy of sky and nature from their parents. It’s very natural that kids start to have close contact with their domestic animals. Once kids realise the connection between nature and animals, they start to learn their role for this connection. Parents teach to their kids about all this through their songs, poems, tales and games.

Life is harder than the city-based civilisations there. Kids learn things the hard way. But they grow strong. They grow in a totally different way in many senses. More intuitive, free minded, often they are called as wild, but wild in a sense of free minded, they know what is the limit and not to harm others and nature. But as humans, through hardship, many kids grow up with difficulties. Like everywhere, if the parents are not sage enough, kids follow the same route, their personalities are disastrous. But compare to the modern world, nomadic kids are more aware of their environment around, the relationship between others, and they are more humanistic. I realise they are not interested much in reading books about history etc. which develops their mental knowledge. But rather they prefer to stay attentive into their life philosophy or just sing.

This is a big problem in a modern city based new lifestyle in Mongolia now a day. Global warming, mining, desertification and ultra-capitalist mentality destroys this nomadic civilisation.  Although many nomads are conscious about it, they still prefer to move into the cities and their kids become non-nomad, and non-citizen of that city. A new philosophy of education and living is missing then. No value about life there in between two different life styles. Luckily and logically still the life philosophy of nomadism stays in their head and consciousness. But once it doesn’t really match into the new outer influences, Mongolians nomads becoming lazy, lost and no value about many important aspects of life.

Mongolian Handicraft Trade Fair Yak


In its own way, international schools are establishing and creating their citizens in a new way. You can see American kids, English kids, Japanese or Korean, or Russian, even Chinese cultured kids everywhere in Mongolia. They are all Mongolians. But once Mongolian nomadic civilisation is lost, or weak, then it’s a new international America like everywhere in the world now a day.

We, Mongolians talk about our culture and language. But its very artificial. Many are proud of their strong history. But where are we? And who we are? And where are we going?…

I am not against anyone, I am just against ourselves… what we have to do now is to re-value, re-admire, re-comprehend and re-establish our nomadic based civilisation in the midst of this modern world. We can’t stop the global warming as a single effort, but still, we must be conscious about what creates and influences into this global warming, desertification.

We Mongolians, should completely stop mining. Mining brings easy money, but it destroys the pasture land, meaning it creates desertification and killing nomadism in all ways. Searching for economic comfort, and even to survive many nomads quite their homeland and lifestyle, then their child education system which comes through their lifestyle and deep communication with their domestic animals and nature.

Everybody in the city is willing to be educated like philosophers, libraries are full, and universities are outnumbered. Everybody is well educated, but with no sense of deeper understanding of what we lost. Educated, but mining, desertification, pollution… Complaining about them, but still going to work for mining industries.  Using electricity and water without limit. Instead of supporting nomadic handicrafts and local producers, we all look for fashion, brands, industrial production.