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About Mongolian Handicrafts

I am Ulzibat, a Mongolian living in Switzerland. My grandparents were herders in the Altai mountains and I was born there and grew up with mysterious memories about their values. So it is very important to me that Mongolians keep their nomadic way of life and original values.


Mongolian Handicraft Trade Fair yak wool


For 9 years I have been working with the “Mongolian Tribal Art Group” freelance artists, felt making cooperatives and yak wool producing communities.  Its because after engaging in 18 different NGOs and 12 religious groups during my studies in Mongolia  I have decided to work with local nomad herder families and do my best to re-value the authentic nomadism. Mongolia is important to me and I ensure all products are sourced directly and trade carried out is fair.

I am supporting nomads by buying their yak down for a fair price without any middle person and it helps me to source the best quality wool products for both Mongolians and worldwide wool lovers.


trade fair yak wool Mongolian Handicrafts


Following my success in helping the yak herders, I decided to expand to other local traditional items. Therefore Mongolian Handicrafts was born. I continue to provide fair prices in trade for good quality crafted items.


trade fair yak wool Mongolian Handicrafts