About Us

We are a Swiss- Mongolian couple living in Switzerland. My husband, Alexander Hartig, lived for five years in Mongolia. Central Asia fascinates him because of its diverse cultures, infinite space, and nomads’ auto-sufficient living way.

My grandparents were herders in the Altai mountains. I was born and grew up there. So, Mongolians must preserve their nomadic way of life and authentic values. Men, nature, and their herding animals are interdependent.

Increasingly growing herds affect the degradation of pasture land. With this in mind, we work mainly with yak wool. Yak graze the top of the grass, meaning they always leave it to re-grow. Pure wool is an alive substance. It feels the wearer and creates an affinity towards mother earth.

We have worked with freelance artists, felt-making cooperatives, and yak wool producers since 2010.

While studying at the University of the Humanities in Ulaanbaatar from 2004 to 2007, majoring in Anthropology, I engaged in 18 NGOs and 12 religious groups. I was on my quest to choose how to contribute to a better society.

As I grew up in the steppes, my natural choice was to support the nomadic way of life and introduce it to the outside world.
Therefore, Modern Nomad was born in 2010.