“The Earth is what we all have in common.” – Wendell Berry
Here at Mongolian Handicrafts, we are passionate about looking after this beautiful planet where we all live. That is why we only use natural products in handicrafts and make sure that we source them in a sustainable way.

Our wool comes directly from the nomads. Herding animals live in freedom, without fences, and they graze the wild grasses of the vast Mongolian steppe.
They join the yurt, gather there during the night because of the wolves. Man becomes the “bodyguard” of their animals!
Yaks and other animals are hand-combed in the spring for their wool, and this process does not cause any pain.

Once it completed animals are released in the steppe. So, for example, an article in Yak wool, this animal is walking right now in the steppe without imagining that, thousands of miles away, someone wears his wool.

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