The Philosophy of Mongolian Handicrafts

The rhythm of every heart creates their symphony through art. The relationship between human and their intime, breathes through these rhythms. Serene, yet, sacred beauty of rocks invited me to walk on its shapeless world. Birds come from time to time and sings their child like secrecy. Sun light hits differently on this rock and creates my gallery instant to instant.

The question of “beauty” is different in all hearts, but we all look for the rhythm of beauty. My nomadic grandparents passed me the understanding of the rhythm of nature through their philosophy. This understanding is a certain level, so my deep desire is to penetrate myself into the rhythm of nature and in its intime which is also in us. Something awakens and become alive while just observing this rhythm, and we all humans, profoundly inter into our intime. Here, all I try to express is about the art of nature which dwells in every heart.

What we need is a shelter, clothes and enough to eat in order to survive. Any more than that become greed. My grandparents’ world relies on this art of nature and the smart understanding of their need and greed. The rhythm of nature invisible to humans when need passes to greed.

Reflecting on these understandings, I would love to help more independent artisans, nomads and artists. Artisans, as far as I know from my artisans in Mongolia, they all love their rhythm of work and beauty in their artisanal touch. Real artists also don’t know how to marketing themselves. Because marketing today passes far more than the need. Our greed for plastic-fantastic items, clothing, decorations and events which has non-sense with the beauty of the intime of human and nature leave apart real artists and artisans throughout world.

New-rich is the term of many of us. Materialism should not take over our intime. This question of intime should be alive and live in every culture and each person.

This is the rhythm where we enjoy the real sense of beauty and art of every heart.


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